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Welcome to our new Digital Home

Online  event

A home to connect with your customers

In Spain, we have been bringing the best technology to our clients home's for years, with the WiFi network, fiber and television. Now we are taking one more step, and we are working to improve our offer of digital products and services to enjoy at home, turning the television into a relational and transactional channel. A space where you can already develop Living Apps that are available in 1.1 million connected homes. E-commerce, entertainment, sports or travel companies have already joined and you can be next.

Discover the opportunities and experiences of "Hogar Movistar", our ecosystem of services and devices, which thanks to Artificial Intelligence, allow you to create new digital experiences at home to connect with your customers.

María Jesús Almazor, CEO of Telefónica Spain and Chema Alonso, Chief Digital Consumer Officer of Telefónica, presented Telefonica's Digital Home strategy, in an online event where humor and technology went hand in hand, thanks to the participation of the "Ilustres Ignorantes" as special guests.


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Bienvenido al nuevo Hogar Digital: Chema Alonso

Chema Alonso

Chief Digital Consumer Officer at Telefónica

Welcome to the new Digital Home: María Jesús Almazor 

María Jesús Almazor

Chief Executive Officer of Telefonica Spain

Welcome to the new Digital Home:  Ilustres Ignorantes

Ilustres Ignorantes

Comedians and scholars


A home full of possibilities and closer connections

The digitization is present in all areas of our life. Including at home, where at Telefónica we seek to simplify the way in which people relate and interact with technology, eliminating the borders between the physical and the digital.

The home of our clients is full of possibilities and human connections that we want to make closer. It is the place where thousands of key decisions and activities occur in the lives of our clients.

For this reason we created "Hogar Movistar", our ecosystem of services and devices that allows to live unique and exclusive digital experiences at home, with maximum security, privacy and simplicity.

In addition, thanks to Aura, Telefonica's Artificial Intelligence, our clients can interact with the home ecosystem through our different devices, naturally and easily by voice.